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Hygiene Practices

Hygiene Practices

In all the activities of the Kerava Dance institute we take into account the continuing situation of infectious diseases and up-to-date instructions from the authorities. We follow the instructions of the Finnish National Agency for Education, the Ministry of Education and Culture and Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) on the hygiene practices during the coronavirus epidemia. It is important to us to take care of the health and safety of both students and teachers. Our studios are cleaned more efficiently and ventilated as well as possible. We emphasize that everyone acts responsibly and follows the instructions given.

Update on 20.4.2022

Instructions for dance classes

  1. You must not come to a dance class if you are ill. Stay at home if you have even slight symptoms suggestive of illness or you are in quarantine. Participation in contact teaching in basic art education is not recommended for those in risk group.  
  2. Follow good hand and coughing hygiene.
  3. Reduce close contact during the dance class. Exercises that do require physical contact are not used in teaching.  
  4. There is a small break between classes. Come just before the start of your own class. Put your training clothes on at home if possible. Avoid unnecessary loitering in locker rooms. Leave the premises without delay after your dance class.
  5. Only under school age students can be accompanied by a parent into the premises. Parents are not allowed to stay inside and wait for their children during dance classes. Parents need to make sure their children go to the bathroom (preferably at home) and wash their hands before the start of the dance class.
  6. Our studios are cleaned more efficiently and we follow the instructions of authorities. Teachers give the instructions for use of the equipments needed.  

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