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Dance studies at Kerava Dance Institute

Kerava Dance Institute provides basic art education in dance. The studies are divided into general and extensive dance studies for children and adolescents, from early childhood to the adult dance education. The age groups are indicative.

Do you need help finding the right genre and level of dancing?

We at the office are happy to help! Contact us by e-mail, by calling or by visiting us. The office is open on Mondays to Fridays from 12 pm to 3 pm. You can also contact us in English.

Seunalantie 14, 04200 Kerava
+358 400 956 037

More information in English

  • Registration information
  • Tuition Fees
  • Educational Rules
  • Hygiene Practices

Early Dance Education 1-6 years

What is it?

Fun and warmhearted dance lessons for little girls and boys, either with their own adult (Taaperotanssi 1-4 yrs) or independently (Tanssileikki 3-4 yrs, Säteet 4-5 yrs, Pikkujoutsenet 5-6 yrs, Kipinät 5-6 yrs and Väkkärät 5-6 yrs).

The purpose of the lessons is to arouse the joy of dance and to playfully promote the child’s basic skills of dancing, teamwork and learning capacity.

How do you get involved?

Select the appropriate group, fill in the registration form and participate. Read the instrutions. 

Mini groups 7-9 years

(Extensive and general study line)

What is it?

Elementary dance classes in ballet, break, contemporary, show and hip hop dance. You can also do acrobatics as an accompaniment.

How do you get involved?

You can choose the genre and number of lessons according to your interest. You don’t need any previous background in dancing.

Still looking for your own genre?

Jump into the world of dance with a fun Dance Hop class, where you try out different dance styles.

Minipikkolo groups

Ballet or contemporary dance two times per week.

Pikkolo groups 9-14 years

(Basic studies, extensive study line)

What is it?

Dance studies three times a week: emphasis on ballet, jazz or contemporary dance, plus complementary dance subject.

How do you get involved?

Welcome new students! Contact our office to get started.

Tako groups 15-17 years

(Advanced studies, extended field of study)

What is it?

Dance education where you study your own subject matter (ballet, jazz or contemporary dance) at least twice a week. Exercises can be 3 to 6 days a week.

How do you get involved?

Students from the general line or outside Kerava Dance Institute may attend study information at the beginning of the semester OR contact Rector Irmeli Toiviainen.

Taiko + 17 years

(Advanced studies, extended field of study)

What is it?

Education in the dance arts. Advanced dance studies culminate in the final thesis, which the student plans and implements under the guidance of the teacher.

General line

What is it?

Different dance and dance related sports from the age of 9 onwards – also groups for adults.

How do you get involved?

You can choose one or more lessons in the week according to your own interest. New students without previous experience start in beginner level groups (alkeet).

General Study Level Groups

  • Open Level (avoin taso) = The content of the lesson is planned according to the participants
  • Beginners 1 (alkeet 1) = Beginners
  • Beginners 2 (alkeet 2) = 1-2 years in practice
  • Basic 1 (perus 1) = 2–3 years of practice or equivalent skills
  • Basic 2 (perus 2) = 3-4 years of practice or equivalent skills
  • Advanced (jatko) = advanced group, at least 4 years of regular study, recommended with two weekly lessons.

Adult lessons

The lessons are planned taking into account the adult life experiences and interests.

We offer the opportunity for a lifetime of hobby, raising existing skills and discovering new skills.

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